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2015.9.30 Homepage is now opened.

This homepage provides “Code of polarization analysis” which enables to decide the polarization state of the incident polarized beam by one capture.

Determination of polarization by one capture】
We proposed a method for Single-shot determination of polarization as follows.


This “Vectorial vortex analysis” has some advantages such as
Incident arbitrary polarized beam can be completely determined by one capture.
You can design to analyze the polarization states in broadband spectral range such as UV, visible, IR and even THz.
3.   Do not use any mechanical and electrical polarization modulators.

You need only
1. Detector         (Preparing)
2. Polarizer         (Preparing)
3. Axially symmetric waveplate         (Homemade)

4. Program        (Download) ハガキ縦

Please read the detail, see below:
“Determination of the polarization states of an arbitrary polarized terahertz beam: Vectorial vortex analysis”
Toshitaka Wakayama, Takeshi Higashiguchi, Hiroki Oikawa, Kazuyuki Sakaue, Masakazu Washio, Motoki Yonemura, Toru Yoshizawa, J. Scott Tyo, and Yukitoshi Otani
Scientific Reports, Vol. 5, pp. 9416-1-9416-9 (2015).

The snapshot of the polarization distribution in the beam cross section can be analyzed by use of the code (C). [Download].

Operating environment : Microsoft Visual studio 6.0
We compiled the code by use of Microsoft Visual studio 6.0, although the source of code is basically written by ANSI C.
We have already confirmed to operate the code using Microsoft Visual studio 6.0, however, we have no check using other operating environments.